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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Allergy Awareness

Some of our dishes may contain known allergens.

If you suffer from allergies please ask our staff for details

Rice or chips are not included in any dishes

Unless otherwise stated in description

Any dish not on our menu can be made on request

These dishes are marinated for at least 24 hours in an exotic sauce blended with freshly ground Punjabi spices, our own Punjabi Masala and fresh herbs then cooked evenly on skewers in a clay oven known as a Tandoor. All dishes are served with pure Basmati Pilau rice, salad and curry sauce

Served with mild, medium OR hot curry sauce

Vegetable Side Dishes

Meal comes with chips & can of juice

All European dishes served with French fries & salad

Please Note

Vegan Special Curries are not included in Special Set Meals

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