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Note: Allergens & intolerances

Many of our dishes contain certain allergens such as nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy & gluten

If you have any questions about your meal, please ask a member of staff & we will be happy to advise

Selection of various meats, fully loaded with chips naan, salad, dips and a drink too included

A preparation cooked in tandoor (clay oven) & marinated in yoghurt together with a special blend of herbs & spices

Served with a vegetable curry sauce

Cooked in a masala sauce

Sweet & very mild. A preparation of mild spices in which cream, yoghurt, sultanas, cashew nuts & sugar used to create a very delicate flavour

Freshly Cooked

Cooked with spinach



A medium strength combination of spice fried together & cooked with capsicums, onions & tomatoes

Cooked with oriental spices to give a rich flavour

Mild, medium or hot

The characteristics of this dish is the puree made from tomatoes, green peppers & onion which is then used to garnish the curry

Mild, medium or hot

Ceylong curries are hotter than the plain curry. Prepared with coconut

Mild or Hot

Cooked to medium strength with potatoes, tomatoes, spices & herbs

Fried onion, black pepper & spices are the preparation of this dish

Mild, medium or hot

Served with chips & salad

all tubs 465ml

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