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Indian Curry Halal

259 Highters Heath Lane, Birmingham, B14 4NX

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Note: Food Allergy Warning

Please be advised that our food may contain Nuts, Soya, Dairy, Wheat and Seeds.

Customers are requested to mention any allergies they may have with a member of staff prior to ordering.

We will not be held responsible or accountable for any allergic issues.

Some of our favourite starters not to be missed!

Starters to share for 2 guests or more

Classic Starters

Main I

Main I

Contains Nuts

Main II

Hugely popular in the neighbourhood for quality & fresh flavours

Hugely popular in the neighbourhood for quality & fresh flavours

A very popular dish at the hut. Originally a North Indian dish, which has taken the midland by storm. The combination of herbs and spices, fresh tomatoes, coriander, chopped onions and most importantly the exotic flavour of our balti sauce leaves everyone standing. An irresistible dish.

We can openly say that we have set the trends in this section. Our baltis are very popular and taste is no comparison to our competitors. We have given that extra edge to our baltis which consists of ingredients that many chefs would not recognize.

Any vegetarian main dishes can be available as side dishes also

Biryani is one of the firm favourite dishes amongst the great sultans of the far east. These are very aromatic, medium dishes. They consist of special Basmati Rice treated with chicken, meat or prawn or vegetables fried with ghee, sultanas, served with vegetable curry. Suited to your taste, especially recommended for beginners.

Our selection of "Old Favourites", these dishes are recognized by everyone and have been enjoyed by generation of Indian food lovers

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Good value for money, the following selections are served in two average containers, enabling you to sample two curries or share. Mix your own if you wish from £9.50

Assorted Home Breads

To compliment your main meals

Variety of Rice

All will include fries tomato and garden peas

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