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All served with Salad and Special Mint Sauce

Made with a combination of yoghurt and home made sauce

Succulent chicken or lamb cooked in a hot spice sauce. With onions, tomatoes, capsicum and green chilli

Freshly cooked with aromatically spiced curries. All served with Nan

We only use Breast of Chicken. Exclusive of Rice

Sweet and Sour Curry, cooked with Lentils, including a portion of Pilau Rice

Highly Spiced Dish prepared in enriched thick sauce for sweet, sour and hot taste. Served with Pilau Rice

Lightly spiced, cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes and capsicum

Exclusive of Rice. A combination of spices and herbs fried together to provide a dish of

medium strength, rather dry consistency as compared with a cu

Exclusive of Rice. Cooked in a rich creamy sauce of various mild herbs and spices

Exclusive of Rice. cooked with medium hot spices and herbs, garnished with cooked tomatoes and coriander

Bangalore style curry with spicy onions and capsicum in a delicious sauce

Punjabi style dishes, made into an earthy dry style curry with spinach

The following dishes are a preparation of Saffron Rice, served with Vegetable Curry

Prepared in a juicy and spicy sauce. Cooked with French beans. Served with lemon rice.

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Exclusive of Rice

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