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Indian Curry

48-50 Peach Street, Wokingham, RG40 1XG

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Note: Please advice us if you have any food allergies.

Medium spiced balti dishes are cooked in genuine Kashmiri Punjabi style with capsicum, fenugreek seeds and garden fresh coriander (with chicken tikka 50p extra)

The dish produced from wide range of oriental spices, giving a rich flavour, specify the strength

This Bangladeshi dish is cooked with home made yoghurt and plum tomatoes to give it a sweet, sour and hot taste

A combination of spices fried together with onion, tomato, capsicum and coriander to provide a dish of medium strength in thick sauce

Cooked in thick sauce with tomato, onion and lemon juice sweet, sour and hot

Medium spiced karahi dishes cooked in a traditional iron wok with fried onion, tomato, garlic and capsicum

Cooked in thick sauce with fresh green chilli, tomato, onion and coriander, fairly hot

Medium strength dish with tomatoes

A preparation of mild spices with fresh cream, ghee and butter to create delicate flavour and creamy texture, sweet

A persian origin dish cooked with lentil, sweet, sour and hot

A Bangladeshi speciality, cooked with spinach medium spice

A medium dish cooked with briskly fried onion, tomato and coriander

A North Indian mild creamy dish with Bananas or Mango - sweet

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