Barbecue Kings

BBQ Kebab

183 Bank Street, Coatbridge, ML5 1HA

Delivery from 16:40

Note: Food allergies and intolerances:

Please speak to our staff about the ingridients in your meal when making your order.

Thank you.

Change to Lamb for £1 extra

All kebabs are served with pitta bread or nan bread, mixed salad and sauce. Sauce and salad separate 50p extra. Extra pitta 70p.

Served in a Chapati with cheese, sauce and salad.

Served in a chapati with sauce.

All Barbecue Kings Specialities can be prepared with Chicken Tikka and also the following. (Rice not included).

Rice NOT included

24 Hours notice requires. Lamb £3 extra

All Tandoori dishes are cooked on charcoal in a traditional clay oven and served with rice, curry sauce and salad.

All biryani dishes are cooked in Basmati Rice and delicately garnished with special spices and served with curry sauce.

Rice NOT included

Fluffy fried Indian bread with choice of fillings choose from Sweet & Sour.

All Burgers are topped with salad, onions & sauce unless otherwise stated Meals comes with chips and can of juice.

Served with tub of sauce

Breaded fillet of chicken with sauce, cheese & toppings. All served with chips and fresh salad.

Our delicious Fajitas come with mixed peppers and onion with salsa, sauce and warm flour tortillas.

Served with cheese, jalapeños salsa sauce.

All meals below served with chips and can of juice.

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