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Barburrito, The Lawn, Paddington Station, London, W2 1HB

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

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You’ve never burrito’d? You’ve never tasted love my friend. They’re an all-day thing, like love and laughter! Every hour is burrito o’clock

A Classic Burrito loaded with an extra protein filling and fresh guacamole included

Fancy a Burrito with a twist? Why not try The California Burrito which is stuffed with fries or get your 5 a day with the Superfood Burrito.

Burrito not your thing? Our other dishes are a taste sensation. Made from scratch every day and free from funny stuff, its food that Mex you feel good!

A Mexican take on sandwiches. A traditional bread roll packed with your choice of protein, cheese, signature salsas & sauce. How will you build yours?

Crispy tortilla chips topped with red jalapenos, melting cheese and cheese sauce and your choice of salsa and dressing. Go loaded and add extra meat or veg on the nachos.

When making orders we package fries last to make sure they are as hot as possible, however sometimes when out for delivery they can lose their heat. Heat your oven to 180 degrees, when your order arrives pop them in for a few minutes for hot fries at home

Introducing our new freshly made salsa

¡Holy Guacamole! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better… We have great ingredients in our kitchen and aren’t afraid to show them off

Food you can eat with your hands, which makes you grin from chica to chica!


Wash it all down with a refreshing drink Amigo!

Life is for living my friend

Wine & Prosecco

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