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"We continually get new customers from customer recommendations, so try us & see for yourself. We have good reviews & told that we offer excellent support & friendly service. We dont compare ourselves with others caterers as we dont compromise on quality, we believe a good Indian takes time to cook & prepare so we dont try to rush or take shortcuts. Bear with us as we cook your food to order from scratch. For delivery orders we do say allow 45 minutes."

Dishes are cooked fairly dry as sauce will be soaked up by the lentils, with spices & lemon juice. Fairly hot, sweet & sour

Cooked in medium to fairly dry sauce, with strong spices, green peppers & extra onions. Fairly hot, sweet & sour taste.

All these dishes are suitable for vegetarians & are served as main dishes. Medium hot unless otherwise stated. Please note: Dishes on the menu can be cooked to a vegetarian requirement

Food suitable for vegetarians

All dishes suitable for vegetarians

All dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Exclude any other offer or discounts. Any changes can incur a charge of £1 or more per item or dish. King Prawn excluded.


Dishes are medium to hot, freshly cooked in a thick sauce with herbs.

All dishes vary so do ask a member of staff or our website

These dishes are dry, first marinated in herbs, spices & a special tikka sauce then placed on skewers & grilled in a tandoori oven, with fried onions & served with salad & a tub of mint sauce


Cooked in basmati rice with herbs & light spices. Served with a vegetable curry side dish unless otherwise stated.

These are cooked with herbs & spices, green peppers, onions in a thick sauce with tamarind. All served with a Plain Naan bread

These dishes are the mildest dishes on the menu. Very rich in flavour, most are prepared with fresh cream & mild spices in a creamy texture. Suitable for most beginners.

Curries are very saucy & rich in flavour, aroma & spices

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