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Tandoori Grill Dishes

These dishes are grilled in skewers in a tandoori oven. Marinated delicately in medium spiced yoghurt with ginger, garlic & coriander. An ancient style of cooking. Most delicious and succulent kebab. Served with fresh salad.

Special Tandoori Massala Dishes

Invented in 1980, one of the most popular dishes in England, we present our own spicy smooth massala sauce, cooked with almonds & cream

Signature Dishes by Bay Spice

These dishes we select from every part of the Indian Sub - Continent, some of which are not commonly found here

These dishes are cooked with original Bangladeshi hot chilly sauce and chef`s own secret spice. Can be cooked extra mild or hot as you require.

Balti Specials Dishes

These dishes are a traditional style of cooking, medium spiced, cooked with onion, tomatoes, coriander, green pepper, garlic and fresh vegetables added to a thick sauce with a slightly tangy taste, usually medium, can be made as mild or hot as required.

Traditional Indian Dishes

Add garlic, mushrooms or sag to any dish extra £1.00

Kashmiri dishes are medium to mild contain lychees & banana and Malaya dishes are mild with pineapple

Fairly hot sauce cooked with onion, green pepper, green chilli, garlic & a selection of exotic spices

These dishes are lightly spiced, cooked with basmati rice & served with a medium mixed vegetable curry

All Bhaji dishes are medium spicy & dry (no sauce)

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