Indian Curry Halal

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A style of cooking originating in the North West Frontier, applied to chicken, lamb, king prawns, paneer & naan bread. These dishes are served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Bayleaf House Specialities

These dishes are served in a variety of ways, each consisting of a specially prepared sauce to your desire, from a choice of delicately mild sauce to a breath taking hot sauce

Home cooked kashmiri dishes with balti paste, tomatoes & coriander

Balti is a dish originating from Baltistan (Northern part of Pakistan) any dish can be cooked hot or mild to suit your palate

Meat mixed with basmati rice & served with a separate vegetable curry

Created using fried onion & garlic with vegetables, garnished with coriander

Add any extra topping on your naan - £1 each

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