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We endeavor to serve you real wholesome tasty food from the Indian sub-continent. Our menus are based on the highest quality produce and fresh seasonal

ingredients from all corners of South East Asia as well fresh locally sourced products.

We hope you enjoy our food and make us

your home for a good Indian curry.

Cooking in a tandoor is a traditional method which creates a delicious taste. With temperatures approaching 400 degrees Celsius, it is perfect for creating a crisp outer layer on the food without sacrificing the moistness inside.

All these dished have been cooked in the tandoor. Enjoy!

The chefs premium dish using two different styles of cooking hence taking longer and more effort to cook but creating a memorable flavour. Meat is charred in the tandoor with peppers, onions and tomatoes and then cooked in a unique sauce. Truly recommended for shashlik lovers!

These dishes have proved so popular over the last 20 years are now part of Bengal town's fabric. Great tasting dishes made from premium products

These dishes have proved so popular over the last 20 years are now part of Bengal town's fabric,

Great tasting dishes made with premium products

Biriyani is an authentic dish served all across the bengal region. Enjoy our one-pot speciality, with a protein of your choice!

Classic Indian dishes that have proved to be really popular since the curry revolution! Cooked the Sheba way since the 1970s

People from the Sub-Continent are a nation of vegetable lovers. Fresh vegetables are a staple part of the diet and at Sheba we proudly serve you desi style dishes!

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