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Note: Please Note! We make every effort to provide allergen free food on request, however this cannot be guaranteed as we handle allergen on the premises

Enable you to sample two dishes in small portions or select your own combination in chicken, lamb or prawn also mince lamb can be added to the chosen dish - Extra £1.00

Please note for meat definition we are using beef, mutton and lamb. Subject to availability and continuity

Accompaniments Side Dishes

Served with Chips & Continental Salad

Tikka Tikka Sandwiches

Served with chips & salad

Traditional Set Meals

Celebration Appetisers

Served with continental salad tomato, cucumber, lemon and mint sauce

North Indian Tandoori Sizzling Specialities

Tandoori dishes are not curries. Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb, kebab, duck & fish, are barbecued in a charcoal oven served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon and mint sauce. It tastes delicious, sensational, taste which defies description. These dishes are marinated for 24 hours in special sauces sometimes blended with over 20 different fresh & aromatic herbs & spices. All dishes cooked medium to mild.

Please note for meat definition we are using beef, mutton and lamb. Subject to availability and continuity

Brasserie New & Unique Special Dishes

Indian Sub-Continent Special

Special Kala Bhuna Mangsho

Kala bhuna is an authentic traditional dish of Chittagong port city of Bangladesh, Specially selective tender beef meat but it can be prepared with choices of other meat including seafood, Marinated with garlic ginger paste garam masala and combination of mixed spices. The dish is simmered and cooked until the meat and the spices conclude black in colour which is called the kala bhuna, Serve with authentic basmati rice with kala chickpeas.

From the North Western area of Kashmir and Punjab, we bring you the Balti style of cooking, cooked in the traditional Kashmiri Karai pan and served in a wok known as Balti, cooked with fresh blended spices, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and flavoured with green herbs & seasoned with generous amount of ginger. The strength of Balti dishes can be prepared to suit your own taste. (Medium)

Basmati rice cooked together with mild oriental spices and flavoured with saffron. These dishes are prepared from the finest Basmati saffron rice with almonds, sultanas, garnished with tomatoes and other ingredients, served with medium vegetable curry.

Traditional Regional Dishes

Why not create your own dish with any meat, chicken or prawn for an extra £2.00. Choice of vegetables can be added to the dishes for an extra £1.00. For example mushroom, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, chana or bhindi.

Fish may contain bones

Brasserie’s Shaslick Curry Dishes

Marinated tender pieces of meat or king prawn mixed with freshly pureed tomatoes & a touch of tamarind, grilled in clay oven with Mediterranean mixed peppers, onions & tomatoes, then made in to a Traditional Delicious Curry

Please note for meat definition we are using beef, mutton and lamb. Subject to availability and continuity.

Some desserts may contain nut and dairy allergy please could you let us know on the notes so we can be aware of the specific allergy

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