Bengal Chaa

Indian Curry Halal

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Bengal House Specials

Any vegetable can be added 50p extra

Dry main course. All dishes served with salad

Bengal Chaa Khorai Specialities

As well know, balti is the popular name for curry today, but the traditional pot in which it is cooked in a cast iron wok, known as a karahi, our aim is to serve food in a traditional way, which is cooked in a cast iron karahi.

Festival Cuisine

A dry dish with basmati rice treated together with chicken, lamb, vegetables OR seafood in butter ghee with delicate spices, served with a vegetable curry to complete the taste of the dish, contains mustard.

Malaya (with Banana & Pineapple) - extra 0.80p

Persian (with small omelette & lemon) Contains: Mustard - extra 0.80p

Minced Lamb Balti Mix

Meat Balti Specialities

Pure Vegetarian & Vegan Balti Specialities

Vegetarian Side Dishes

Soft Drinks & Desserts

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