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Indian English Halal

80a Lee Lane, Horwich, BL6 7AE

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Note: Some dishes may have the following allergens, (crustacean, sesame, nuts, gluten, egg, fish, shellfish, mustard, celery, peanuts, milk products, sulphite, soya, lupins) if concerned please inform the restaurant directly, so that a suitable dish may be recommended

Mouth watering box’s with different varieties of munchies

All our burgers and freshly made to each and crafted with love and perfection

In house freshly breaded and fried to order. Crispy on the outside tender & juicy on ther inside

Made with special flavoured basmati rice together with a mixure of herbs & spices and green peas. Topped with an omelette . Served with a separate vegetable sauce

All tandoori dishes are marinated with special spices in yogurt and freshly ground green herbs cooked in a clay oven, served dry with green salad and a seperate vegetable sauce. £1 extra for any other sauce.

Choose your style of curry:

All dishes served with chips.Green peas & salad

2 Papadom, Onion and Mango Dips and Salad

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