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Chicken Pizza

746 Sidcup Road New Eltham, London, SE9 3NS

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Fried chicken and spicy wings and fried chicken strips

BBQ chicken, BBQ chicken and fries

BBQ wings,BBQ wings and fries

Peri Peri Chicken and meal deals

Peri-peri - the hot Bird's Eye chilli is mixed with herbs and spices

Spicy level are Peri-Peri Medium, Hot, Lemon and Herb or Mango and Lime

Grilled Specials peri peri wings,strips,burgers,wraps And meal deals

Rice (v)

Chopped red onion, jalapeÑO pepper and red pepper with our spiced sauce with a borne less chicken or grilled lamb

Side for the meal deals

Peri rice and fries

Our home made peri peri sauce and rayzors dibs

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