Big John's (Manchester)

Pizza Burgers

7 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5FT

Delivery from 12:40

Note: Fancy a takeaway but not sure what to order?

#Pizza? #Chicken? #Kebab? #Burger? No matter what you fancy, we have something for everyone!

For the safety and security of our drivers, we are unable to deliver to high-rise apartments, flats or any multi-occupancy buildings. Delivery will be at the main entrance of the buildings only.

Our dough is made from high quality caputo o-o Italian flour cooked straight on a stone giving you a authentic Italian style stonebaked pizza.

Our peri peri chicken is marinated in our unique spices you choose your flavour. We then cook to perfection on the grill

Our chicken is prepared fresh daily, coated with Big Johns secret recipe and cooked to perfection

Our succulent kebabs are created with our own unique herbs and spices served with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo

Our salads contain fresh lettuce, cherry tomato, Big John's salad dressing and croutons

All dips are served in 4oz pots

Our milkshakes are thick and creamy hand spun to perfection

Sweet, tangy and refreshing

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