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Bird Islington


81 Holloway Road, London, N7 8LT

Delivery available on orders of £16 and over (delivery fee £2.99)


4 stars out of 6 4 / 6
Food quality 3.8
Delivery time 4.2
Service 3.9

Based on the 38 most recent reviews

41 reviews of Bird Islington

  • 13/04/2018
    6 stars out of 6
    Great fresh and tasty chicken and the selection of sauces you can get are amazing. House BBQ is perfect 👌🏼. Spoke to them on the phone and the restaurant sounded very busy but still managed to get my order to my house in 20mins from ordering, very impressive.
  • 18/03/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    would love to review but the food never turned up. worst delivery platform going by a mile
  • 28/02/2018
    1 stars out of 6
  • 11/02/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 09/02/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    The food never arrived. They decided to cancel my order without telling me or updating the app.
  • 01/02/2018
    3.5 stars out of 6
    We ordered the Korean fries, but were told these were not gluten free. They replaced with ordinary fries but we had paid for Korean fries, they did not include anything else, as we had requested.
  • 28/01/2018
    3 stars out of 6
    i ordered 12 pcs wings and 6 pcs wings and got a large skillet and 6 wings. not what I ordered!
  • 30/12/2017
    1 stars out of 6
  • 09/12/2017
    5 stars out of 6
  • 27/11/2017
    5.5 stars out of 6
    excellent food and service - also very easy to order online, however some things were missing/not available to order from the full menu. Food was delicious, but the chips unfortunately get cold with the wait.
  • 22/10/2017
    1 stars out of 6
    Food never arrived
  • 29/12/2017
    4.5 stars out of 6
  • 10/01/2018
    6 stars out of 6
    Putting it simply, probably the best chicken I've ever eaten in my life! Im becoming a bit of a bird addict! Cant recommend enough!
  • 20/01/2018
    4.5 stars out of 6
    food was good but 1 item ordered was missing
  • 27/01/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    An absolutely disaster of an order. The first time the driver arrived, we discovered the bag of food had split, and our dinner was lining the contents of his delivery box. Obviously that wasn't looking too appealing, so we sent it back to be replaced. The intervening 45 minutes involved me making 3 calls to the restaurant and Just Eat before it was finally confirmed that the restaurant had been notified to send a new batch of food out. By the time it arrived around 90 minutes had passed since I'd placed the order. This time the food remained in tact. Unfortunately it was also not what we had ordered, with several items missing. At this point we just gave up and ate what we'd been given. It wasn't nice.
  • 14/02/2018
    1 stars out of 6
    food was not delivered online chat advisor took ages to respond - then cut off I also was on hold for 20 minutes, spoke with an operator who then put me on hold and the call cut off. MY complaint is against JustEat - the staff at BIRD were great on the phone explaining the situation.
  • 19/02/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Excellent chicken, very good quality, fresh and tasty .
  • 20/02/2018
    6 stars out of 6
  • 18/03/2018
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Chips were burned and didn’t taste fresh, waffle burger was great sonwas the chicken waffle plate
  • 01/04/2018
    4 stars out of 6
    We asked for no BBQ sauce on burger, instead it came with no bacon! :(
  • 25/08/2017
    5 stars out of 6
    Not the best fried chicken
  • 06/11/2017
    5.5 stars out of 6
  • 10/11/2017
    2 stars out of 6
    Waited 2 hours and food never arrived.
  • 12/11/2017
    1 stars out of 6
  • 26/11/2017
    2 stars out of 6
    Terrible experience. Food cold when arrived, nightmare customer service to try to get a refund (had to explain several times), told I would receive a call to confirm a refund but didn't. Awful customer service.
  • 03/12/2017
    4 stars out of 6
    Quantity very poor, not worth £20, wings pretty small and burger very little, not much difference from KFC. Tbh if I have to choose between Bird and Homburger (next door) I would go for the second one, bigger portions and more value for money.
  • 13/02/2018
    2.5 stars out of 6
    Overly used frying oil, giving the fried chicken a dark tastless oily crust. Chicken wings also had broken bones, doubtful that they are free range.Very Disappointing.
  • 14/02/2018
    4.5 stars out of 6
  • 07/10/2017
    3.5 stars out of 6
  • 20/11/2017
    5.5 stars out of 6
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