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Indian Bangladeshi

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Note: FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES. Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order. Some of our dishes contain nuts, nut traces, dairy, gluten or other ingredients.

*Please Note: our Meat dishes are served as mutton meat (sheep)

Non-Vegetable Starters

Barbecued Specialities

(low calorie dishes)

(All these dishes come in a hot, sizzling tawa)

The management have put together a menu containing garlic, knowing that today everybody is more conscious

of their health. Garlic is an excellent herb for general good health. The bulbs are high in vitamins A, B. and C

and have good antiseptic properties, it is particularly helpful in treating bronchitis and recurrent colds and flu.

Additional vegetables or green chillies 50p extra

All dishes are cooked with special spices, fresh tomatoes and coriander and served in a balti.

Create your own balti dish, additional vegetables or green chillies 50p extra.

Preparation of rice with sultanas, bay leaves, tomatoes and herbs. It is served with a vegetable sauce to make a complete dish. An ideal dish for the inexperienced in oriental cuisine

Blue Elephant House Specialities

Blue Elephant Fusion House Specials

All our European dishes are garnished with salad, chips and garden peas.

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