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Indian Curry

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These are all of medium strength and all served with fresh Salad, mint yoghurt sauce.

Served with a Salad and mint yoghurt.

Fillings of a medium dry consistency served in a freshly cooked, flakey puri bread

They are all served on a tandoori Nan with a separate salad, mint yoghurt and chilli sauce.

Tandoori Main Courses

Marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices then barbecued in a tandoori oven. Served with a Salad and a medium strength curry sauce.

Traditional Selection

For a traditional curry first choose your filling. Will it be succulent chunks of lamb, diced breast of chicken, prawns or a non-meat option? Then choose the style you would like the chef to prepare to your filling.

These dishes are cooked to perfection by our fully competent chefs who appreciate that not everyone wants Indian food all of the time. They are all served with chips, and a continental Salad

Mild & Creamy Main Courses

For those who need a gentle introduction to the world of spice or prefer a milder or more familiar flavour, we've selected dishes that meet the "crossover". You can order these with the confidence that they will not be too spicy.

Traditional dishes cooked in a home style - real-warming food. Strength can be altered to suit your preference.

These midly-spiced dishes are a great accompaniment to our main courses.

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