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Note: Allergy awareness: Some of our dishes contain nuts or allergens

If you have any food allergies, Please mention before ordering.

GLUTEN - All of our fresh breads, prawn

puree, Chicken Momo, Veg and Lamb Samosa

CONTAINS GLUTEN. The rest of the food on the

menu does NOT contain ANY gluten.

NUTS - All MILD dishes contain grounded NUTS &


PAPPADOM - Are made of lentil flour & rice flour

ONION BHAJI - Contains chick pea flour & egg

TANDORRI CLAY OVEN - All chicken tikka, lamb

tikka, tandoori chicken & shashlik dishes are

marinated with yoghurt

NAAN BREAD - Contains gluten, milk & egg

RICE - Except boiled rice ALL OTHERS contain GHEE

(indian butter)

Alcohol is not for sale to under 18s. Proof of age is required on delivery or collection of all orders which include alcohol.

These dishes are cooked in the Tandoori Clay oven. Not served with salad

Cooked in the tandoori oven with large chunks of onions, peppers & tomatoes. Not served with salad

Cooked with spinach

Mixed with basmati rice and medium flavoured spices. The biryani does not come with a vegetable curry. Please add your sauce separate from the vegetable section or sauce section

All Bread contains Gluten

All the Vegan Dishes

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