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Note: Healthy options are available: Some of our dishes contain nuts OR traces of nuts. Please inform us for any allergy OR dietary requirements

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Blue Water House Specialities

(served with small medium vegetable curry sauce, choose from plain nan bread or pilau rice, mint sauce and salad. Any changes will incur charge)

All these dishes come in a hot, sizzling tawa. The management have put together dishes containing garlic. Garlic is an excellent herb for general good health. The bulbs are high in Vitamins A, B and C and have good antiseptic properties, it is particularly helpful in treating bronchitis and recurrent cold and flu.

Preparation of rice with saffron, almonds, peas, tomatoes and herbs. Served with a vegetable sauce to make a complete dish. An ideal dish for the inexperienced in Asian cuisine.

All dishes are cooked with special spices, fresh tomatoes and coriander and served in a Balti.

The following dishes are accompanied with small rice

•Curry - need no introduction

•Bhuna - medium dish garnished with onions, capsicum, tomatoes & a selection of herbs & spice

•Malaya - mild to medium, cooked with banna & mild spices (allergic advise: may have peanuts OR other mixed nuts)

•Kashmiri - mild to pineapple & banana (allergic advise: may have peanuts OR other mixed nuts)

•Dansak - combination of spices with pineapple, lentils, lemon juice & herbs, producing a slightly hot, sweet & sour taste

•Pathia - a distinctive Persian dish with a fairly hot, sweet & sour taste

•Madras/Vindaloo/Phall - extremely hot dishes!

•Korma - midly spiced with ground almonds & cream (allergic advise: may have peanuts OR other mixed nuts)

•Rogan Josh - medium, cooked in a special sauce garnished with fresh onion, garlic, tomatoes & fresh coriander

•Dopiaza - medium dish cooked with onions & peppers. Ganished with a mixture of herbs & spices

Served with Fried onions, mushrooms and peas. Accompanied by Chips and Salad.

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