Bollywood Balti

Indian Curry

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Sabzi (vegetable) starters.

Clay-oven (tandoori) grilled dishes. The natural, healthy and earthy tones of our tandoori dishes is achieved by the use of only fresh herbs and ground spices in the marinade, resulting in mouth-watering barbecue selections.

Traditional classic dishes. From the golden age of British Indian cuisine, our selection of old favourites. These dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers.

Vegetable main course.

Chef's gourmet collection. The emphasis is on quality, freshness, clarity and aromas.

House signature dishes.

A wonderful marriage of fragrant rice and meats or vegetables combined and cooked together in a stir fry style dish served with a vegetable curry sauce.

Cooked with garam masala, green herbs, onions and tomatoes.

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