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Curry Kebab

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Served with green salad

Clay oven dates back to the mogal empire period. The oven is made from layers of clay, it is then heated from the inside using charcoal fire. All tandoori dishes are with salad (optional).

Cook using a mixture of spices that are only to be prepared with the knowledge of understanding how to combine different spices to bring out the aromatic tantalizing taste of each dish. An absolute must try.

Chef’s Special Recommendations

South Indian Dish, cooked roasted coconut & musard curry with traditional Keralan Spice

The balti is a spicy, exotic, medium hot dish from Gujrat. Cooked with our own blend of aromatic balti spices. An absolute must try!!!

Basmati rice stir fried with a special home made biryani paste. Garnished with tomatoes & cucumber biryani is not itself a curry but it is served with a vegetable curry side dish.

Vegetarian Specialities

To compliment main meals only all bhajees are of a dry consistency

Freshly baked home made breads

Basmati rice dishes

Served with nan bread

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