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Indian Pizza Halal

477 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6EJ

Delivery from 16:40

Note: Halal

FREE bottle of juice or vegetable pakora on orders over £20.00

note on offer: 1) excludes set meals & any other offers. 2) please write your chosen items in the comments box

Please note: If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerance please speak to a member of our staff before placing your order

Starters & Accompaniments

Bollywood Specialities

Rice not included

Biryanis are served with curry sauce & cooked in basmati rice & garnished with many spices

Rice not included

Rice not included

Tandoori Sizzler Charcoal Grill

Served with rice, salad & curry sauce

Rice not included

All omelette served with chips

All our pizzas are baked using a fresh base & a homemade sauce

Quality is our priority

We use a thin & crispy base

Extra toppings & stuffed crust are available

Ask for garlic dip 30p each

The kebab of your choice is wrapped in fresh baked bread, oven roasted & garnished with cheese

Served with chips, salad & sauce

Kebabs & King Hoggies

King Hoagies served with nan bread, chips & cheese

All served with sauce & salad. Salad & sauce separate 50p extra.

Pitta to mini naan 50p extra

All burgers are served with chips

Meal served with a can of soft drink

All served with salad

Extra toppings are available

Southern Fried Chicken Bucket Meals

Served with sauce & salad

Hoggie Chapati Wrap

Chips smothered in cheese with lashings of meat, salad & sauce

Served with fries & juice

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