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Signature Burgers

  • Bombay Badboy

    Jalfrezi Burger: Gourmet 100% prime beef pattie, lettuce, jalfrezi onions, American cheese, gherkins, bombay sauce, onion bhaji, coriander, Brioche bun


  • Flaming Raja

    Hot! Choice of spiced beef pattie or spiced grilled chicken, lettuce, American cheese, chilli flakes, jalapeno, naga hot sauce, tomatoe relish, chilli pepper, lamb rasher, brioche bun Very hot.


  • Mumbai Murgi

    Grilled chicken fillet, lettuce, tomatoe, American cheese, makhani curry sauce, brioche bun


  • Veggie Bai

    Spicy bean pattie, fried paneer cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, Bombay sauce, brioche bun.


  • Bombay Smash

    Double 100% prime beef smash pattie, double American cheese, bhuna onions, coriander, rasher, lettuce, peppercorn, bombay sauce and choice of black charcoal bun or brioche bun


  • Samosa Wala

    Prime beef pattie, smashed potatoe samosa, lettuce, American cheese, gherkin, bombay salsa, bbq and chutney sauce, brioche bun.


  • Tikka Chick

    Chicken fillet (tikka marinade) , lettuce, American cheese, bombay salsa, raitha, chutney, sev, brioche bun.


Build Your Own Bombay Burger

  • Beef Gourmet Burger

    Prime Beef

    from £8.25

  • Smash Burger

    Prime beef

    from £7.25

  • Chicken Tikka Burger

    from £7.95


  • Cheese Burger

    100% prime beef pattie, American cheese, tomatoe, gherkins, fresh onions, ketchup, brioche bun.

    from £6.50

Bombay Bites

  • Bombay Samosa

    One large sized samosa, India's most popular street food made with spiced potatoe and peas stuffed pastry served with chutney and raitha


  • Tikka Nach'o

    Chicken tikka nachos, loaded with melted nacho cheese, jalapenos and Indian garnish


  • Samosa Chaat

    Bombay samosa, topped with spiced chickpeas, sev, yogurt, pomegranate garnish, and mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy tamarind sauce


  • Loaded Samosa

    4 peices of veg and mince lamb samosa mix, loaded with jalapeno melted cheese, topped with garnish.


  • Spicy Nachos

    Lightly salted Nachos with melted cheese, salsa, onions, tomato's, coriander, jalapenos and covered in Bombay sauce



  • Skin on Fries

    Tossed in salt


  • Jalfrezi Fries

    Mixed with spicy jalfrezi onions, peppers and spices


  • Bombay Loaded Fries

    Loaded fries, ground beef, melted cheese, onion tomatoe salsa, bombay sauce, garnish, jalapenos.


  • Tikka Loaded Fries

    Loaded Fries, chicken tikka, melted cheese, onion tomatoe salsa, coriander garnish, jalapenos, raitha, bombay sauce, topped with smashed onion bhaji


  • Bombay (Seasoned) Fries

    Skin on Fries tossed in medium spiced Bombay seasoning and salt


Milkshakes and Lassi

  • Mango Lassi 16 Oz


  • Bombay Lassi 16 Oz


  • Oreo Milkshake 16 Oz


  • Bounty Milkshake 16 Oz


  • Snickers Milkshake 16 Oz


  • Bueno Milkshake 16 Oz



  • Soft Drink (Cans)


  • Still Water 500ml


  • Tango Orange 330ml Can


  • Sprite Can 330ml


  • Coca Cola Zero Sugar Can 330ml



  • Bombay Buns

    Finest cornish ice cream pressed in a toasted buttery bun, choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.



Saturday 06 July 2024
Friday 05 July 2024
What a fantastic experience! The burgers were out of this world and arrived still hot, the loaded fries were the best we’ve ever had. We will most definitely be returning ! Don’t miss out on this place
Friday 05 July 2024
Not obsessed; Personally don’t think I’ll order again. Didn’t love the flavours, left a strange taste in my mouth (personal preference sorry!) With that being said though, the chicken was so succulent, it was refreshing not to have dry meat from a takeaway, it was cooked very well.
Friday 05 July 2024
Wednesday 03 July 2024
best place in the south West.. In England.
Monday 01 July 2024
Thursday 20 June 2024
Food was delicious but was sent a can of Pepsi max. I ordered Pepsi. Seems small and petty but I like the taste of what I ordered. I don’t like the taste of what I got. It’s the small details that can make or break an experience and this tainted it for me unfortunately. The receipt clearly says Pepsi so it’s not that hard is it!
Saturday 15 June 2024
So so good
Tuesday 11 June 2024
Tuesday 04 June 2024

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Perfect for anyone who can't live without a burger fix. At Bombay Burger Kitchen burgers are a passion - which juicy offering will you choose? With easy ordering and prompt delivery, you just need to tuck in and enjoy! After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at

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