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Indian Curry

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Elegant Starters

Most traditional Popular Curries

All biryanis are served with curry sauce & cooked in basmati rice & garnished with special spices

(Full meal) All served with rice or naan, salad & curry sauce

Delicious Tandoori Starters

All served with chips, salad, chilli dip

All served with dip

Old Poori Favourites

A light fried chapati, topped with your choices below in sweet & sour or chili masala or korma

8" - 4 slices

10" - 6 slices

12" - 8 slices

16" - 12 slices

Choose your favourite sauce: tomato, garlic, BBQ sauce & kebab sauce, curry sauce (bhoona, patia, chasni or masala)

Select your pizza base: normal, thin base, stuffed crust (folded crust filled with cheese)

Extra toppings available

Pizza base topped with cheese, chips & choice of followings. Cover with another pizza base & cooked in pizza oven, served with kebab sauce & salad

The demand for stuffed pizza has become so great that we have created the variety. Free kebab sauce or garlic mayonnaise

Burger meals served with Chips & can of juice

Salad, Mayonnaise, Ketchup or Relish at no extra cost!

Small - pitta

Large - 2 pitta

King - naan

Chapati Wrap filled with your favourite filling, salad & sauce

Large chapati wrapped with chips, cheese, salad & sauce with your desired meat

Served with hot sauce, jalapeno & cheese

All are served with chips & salad

Nan Bread

Curry served in same container

Quick Snacks

All served with chips & juice

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