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All tandoori dishes are cooked on charcoal in a traditional clay oven and served with rice, curry sauce and salad

All dishes served with rice or nan or chips, and available in:

Chicken or Lamb or Prawn - Lamb Tikka - King Prawn

These dishes are prepared in cast iron bowls called a karahi. Very rich flavour is achieved by using fresh ginger, garlic, onions, ground punjabi spices and green peppers. For extra bite green chillies can be added to make it hotter. A great tasty dish. Served with rice

Rice or nan not included

Kormas are very authaenndtic and midldishes.

A fruity and mild dish from indian cuisine

All biryani dishes are cooked in basmati rice and delicately garnished with special spices and served with curry sauce.

Rice or nan not included

Rice or nan or chips included. All popular dishes available in Chicken, lamb or mince curry


All served with chips, salad, sauce and cheese

All meals served with chips and can. Fried onion, fried mushroom, coleslaw and grated cheese

Mushroom pakora, chicken pakora, vegetable pakora,

Chips, donner meat, potato fritters

Chilli sauce pakora sauce and salad

We have drinks in all sizes

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