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Indian Curry

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Served with salad & mint sauce

Served with salad and mint sauce

Fairly hot & very hot in rich sauce

Cooked with special spices & herbs, onions, tomatoes in a medium thick sauce

A fairly hot curry dish cooked with coconut

Mild dish cooked in a sweet creamy sauce with coconut

Mild & fruity, cooked with banana, lychees or pineapple

Cooked with green chillies, onions, capsicum, tomatoes, herbs & other spices, fairly hot

Cooked  with spinach, herbs & exotic spices, medium hot

Cooked with herbs & diced onions, sweet sour & fairly hot

Persian dish cooked with lentils, in a sweet sour, fairly hot sauce & sewed with rice

Served with naan

Cooked with lots of diced fried onions, tomato puree, spices & herbs

Cooked with fenugreek, herbs & spices in a thick sauce

Fairly hot & very hot in rich sauce

Cooked with medium spices & herbs, garnished with lots of cooked tomatoes

Biryani dishes are prepared with basmati rice, stir fried, medium spices & herbs, served with a mixed vegetable curry

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