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All tandoori dishes are marinated with fresh spices cooked over tandoor, skewer & served with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, lemon & mint sauce

All masala dishes are cooked with special spices, almond powder, cream, butter, coconut & fresh herbs

All balti dishes served with free naan bread

Fairly hot cooked in spices & flavoured with onions, fresh chilli & coriander

Fairly hot cooked with chillies, coriander, green pepper & chopped onion

Very hot cooked with high flavoured spices, fresh onion, pepper & naga pickle

Sweet, sour & hot - cooked with special thick sauce & onion

Fairly hot with coconut powder & pieces of lemon

Cooked with lentils, fresh spices, coriander & fresh lemon juice

Hot, sweet & sour

Very hot with potato

Very, very hot cooked with fresh chilli, coriander, green peppers & fresh onion

Rice, meat or chicken mixed with light spices served with vegetable curry

Plain medium curry

All bhuna dishes cooked with highly flavoured spices, fresh onion, coriander - this is the most popular dish in Eastern Bangladesh

All rogan josh dishes are prepared medium or hot, peeled tomato with fresh garlic, coriander, fresh highly flavoured spice & fresh lemon juice

All dopiaza dishes cooked with fresh chopped onion, coriander, fresh tomato, green pepper with medium spices - can be made hotter if desired

Specially blended spices & herbs. Cooked with garlic flavour - can be made hotter if desired

Cooked with onions, green pepper, coriander, various herbs & spices

All korma dishes are cooked with mild spices, cream, ground coconut, ground almond & butter

A fairly dish cooked with mild spices, pineapple, almonds & butter

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