Boro Pizza & Kebab House

Kebab Pizza

180 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3RB

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Note: We dont deliver to the following areas of TS2  Port Clarence/ High Clarence and Heaverton Hill

All our products are Halal approved. While every effort is made, we cannot guarantee 100% bone removal from our fish or chicken products

Before ordering please make note on your order about any food allergies or contact us for any special requirements

All our pizzas are professionally cooked using the finest quality ingredients

Extra toppings & stuffed crust are available

Served with pitta bread, salad & sauce

Extra pitta bread for 40p each

Leg & thigh only

Chicken breast parmesan coated with breadcrumbs, topped with white sauce

Served with chips & salad

Served with chips & salad

All are served with chips & a can of soft drink

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