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These dishes are cooked with basmati rice, stir fried in a pan with the choice of your ingredient and cooked with a selection of spices that will be not only satisfy you but make you crave some more. Served with a medium spiced vegetable curry. (except for the Sagoutte Biriyani)

Cooked with Kashmiri spices, in a specially prepared balti sauce, with onions and capsicums with medium spices and herbs to create a rich authentic flavour. Served with a plain nan

All our rice dishes are vegan friendly except for the egg rice, special fried rice, and keema rice. Also all of our side dish is vegan friendly excepts for saag paneer and the motor paneer

All our side dishes are vegan friendly except for the sag paneer and motor paneer.

All our rice is vegan friendly except for egg rice, special fried rice and keema rice.

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