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21A Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter, EX4 3HG

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

🍺 Fresh Draught Beer 🍺

🍺 Canned Beer 🍺

✨ Monthly Specials ✨

Our carefully sourced mix of chuck and brisket beef comes solely from British farms including our friends at Alec Jarrett Farm and Foxham Farm.

🌱 Plant Based 🌱

🍗 World Famous Wings 🍗

Hearty and healthy salads filled with fresh flavours and glorious greens delivered daily, straight from Woodlands Farm, Cheshire and Worthington’s Farm Lancashire

🍟 Grazing & Sides 🍟

🍅 Sauces + Dips 🍅

🍺 Low ABV & Gluten Free 🍺

🍸 Cocktails 🍸

Superior spirits, made from scratch. Authentic from grain to glass. Our mission is to bring honest and charismatic spirits to the people. No half measures here.

🍷 Wine 🍷

🥤 Softs 🥤

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