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36 Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea, CO13 9PR

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Starters & Appetisers

Most are served with fresh salad and our mint sauce

Specialities that we personally recommend from our home towns India and Bengal.

A taste of flavours cooked authentically from an eastern experience.

Cooked in the clay oven, then in a thick spicy sauce with capsicum, tomatoes, roasted onions and fresh coriander.

Marinated in mixture of herbs, spices, fried onions & char-grilled in the tandoori.

Served with a green salad and mint sauce, sizzling on a fierce platter.

Selection of our colonial favourites, adapted for the British army whom were stationed in the Indian sub-continent until independence in 1947.

If you suffer from nut allergy we can happily cook to your requirements.

Fresh Bangladeshi Fish

We pride ourselves upon our unique selection of fresh seawater fish platters.

Handsome steak-like piece or pieces of fish, on the bone. Unlike other Indian restaurants, we do not use processed 'supermaket of-the-shelf' plain white fish fillets.

Saffron flavoured fried basmati rice, served with a portion of vegetable curry.

If you suffer from nut allergy we can happy cook to your requirements.

Cooked with a unique blend of herbs and spices with onions, pepper and tomatoes, in a special copper wok to give a lovely tangy but spicy flavour.

These popular dishes launched the very first Indian restaurant curry houses' in the UK.

Fresh Vegetables & Sides

All served with chips, peas & fried tomato (except chips & melted cheese)

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