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Appetisers & Accompaniments

Raj Tandoori Specialities

Served with lettuce salad, mint sauce relish & suitable accompaniments

Original Balti Dishes

A revolutionary & innovative dish during the original inception of the British Raj. Prepared with a unique blend of herbs & spices, diced onions & capsicum cooked in a mild to medium hot sauce. Served with complimentary naan

Upgrade plain naan for an additional £1.50

Self-Complete Biryani Dishes

A pan-fried dish of fragrant basmati rice & a

special blend of freshly ground spices. Served with a complimentary mixed vegetable curry

Unforgettable Raj Signature Dishes

For decades, British Raj of Royston has been home to innovative & stunning culinary fare - these are exemplary dishes of our chefs past & present

Dine Bangladeshi Cuisine Campaign

Some 25 years ago, the 'Dine Bangladeshi Cuisine' campaign was launched at the House of Commons in June 1994 by the Bangladeshi Caterers Association

The aim of the campaign was to recognise that the nation's favourite cuisine - curry - truly belongs to Bangladeshi restaurateurs & chefs, who introduced, innovated & established Indian cuisine in the UK since the 1950's

This section of our menu is dedicated to our heritage Bangladeshi / Bengal cuisine & with each new seasonal edition, our chefs will introduce more & more traditional dishes

British Raj of Royston - flying the flag for Bangladeshi cuisine

Regional Specialities

Drawing influence from the breadth & depth of the Indian sub-continent throughout history

Mild, Subtle & Creamy Dishes

Please be aware that our mild dishes contain almond & this is denoted with the letter 'N'

Vegetarian options: mixed vegetable OR paneer (Indian cheese)

British Masala Dishes

“Chicken tikka masala is now a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs external influences.” – a famous speech by former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook (2001)

A mild & creamy dish of tandoor-grilled items cooked in an expertly crafted masala sauce

Timeless Favourite Dishes

The British Raj introduced Royston to Indian cuisine in 1976, establishing itself as one of the best restaurants in East Anglia

Here’s a collection of old favourites enjoyed by generations of curry lovers at the British Raj

Legumes - Vegetable Side Dishes

These supporting dishes are meant to compliment & balance a complete meal

Selection of Fragrant Rice

Selection of Indian Bread

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