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Indian Curry Halal

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The Following Starters are Served with Salad and Mint Yoghurt Sauce

Balti Dishes are Prepared with a Special Balti Sauce, Which Consists More Than 20

Different Herbs & Spices. These are Traditionally Cooked with Mostly Fresh Herbs &

Spices, and are Served in Balti (Karahi Indian Version) a Dish Like a Wok as Cooked and

Served in the Northern Part of India

Chef’s Recommendations

Tandoori Specialities

The Following Dishes are Served with Salad, Mint Yoghurt and Vegetable Curry Sauce

Vegetable - Meat Dishes

Chilli Massalla Dishes

Fresh Green Chilli with Garlic, Green Capsicum, Ground Spices and Herbs

Special Mix (Chicken, Lamb & Prawn)

Medium or Hot, Sweet and Sour, all Pathia Dishes

An Excellent Dish. Rice Fried Together with the Ingrients (i.e. Chicken, Meat or Vegetable

etc) Cooked in Spiced Oil with Sultanas and Almonds, Garnished with a Light Omelette and

Served with a Medium Vegetable Curry Sauce

Sandwiches are all Served with Salad

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