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Our American Stacked Buttermilk Pancakes are to die for! Soft, fluffy and oh so filling! Choose one of our specially crafted pancakes or create your own. A regular portion consists of 4 pancakes and a large portion consists of 6 pancakes.

Freshly baked soft donuts, coated in sugar, leaving you wanting more!

Our Belgian waffle sticks are not to be reckoned with, a very light crisp on the outside with an indulgent, addictive fluffy inside. Choose one of our specially crafted waffles sticks or create your own.

Strawberries layered with our in house crafted brownies that are gently warmed up along with a scoop of heavenly vanilla gelato placed in the middle of the cup, layered with a sauce of your choice, topped with whipped cream and finished with a chocolate centered wafer stick.

Quartered strawberries covered with a sauce of your choice. Topped with whipped cream.

We wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't offer you these classic bad boys!

Soft, gooey cookie dough like you’ve never had it! Served with a scoop of heavenly vanilla gelato

The gooiest and fudgiest brownies you will ever have, crafted in house, doing your taste buds justice.

A beautiful vanilla creamy dreamy cheese load whipped up in house, place on a soft digestive base, finished off with an array of toppings.

Something you've probably never heard of, but once you've indulged in them, you won't look at desserts the same again. (Served by the slice)

Seriously morish and addictive merigune delights, each with its own distinctive flavour. Experience a taste from over the pond, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Bringing you cinema style snacks straight to your doorstep, perfect for a cozy night in.

Old school puddings served with complimentary hot custard (served by the slice)

A 12oz cup full of luscious heavenly vanilla gelato layered with toppings, Finished with whipped cream and a selected chocolate centred wafer stick.

Your favourite chocolates spun into a thick shake, what’s not to love?!

Your ordinary treats blitz into a extraordinary thick shake! Served in a 16oz cup as standard.

Tangy, chilled lemonade, abit of ice, a slice of sunshine lemon.. Need i say more?

Our fresh mocktails are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Served in a 16oz cup with a slice of sunshine lemon, dash of ice, bursting with fresh sparkling fruity flavours. (Non-Alcoholic)

Pairs perfectly with any dessert.

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