Brü Coffee and Gelato

Café Desserts

20 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 1DE

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Note: Get Bru delivered and enjoy our hand-crafted luxury desserts, Italian Gelato and Barista made drinks using our 100% Arabica blend like no other.

Never settle...always Bru!

Never settle, always Bru! Our baristas use our unique and ethically sourced 100% Arabica blend of coffee bean to hand-craft your choice of drink.

Bru's range of phenomenal hot drinks with NO coffee.

Bru's Vegan Superblends

Our range of Superb vegan blends, great for body and soul.

Our range of popular iced drinks using Bru's very own 100% Arabica blend of coffee beans. Unlike any other coffee on the high street. Never settle, always Bru!

Bru's Iced Refreshers & Mojitos

Ice cold and bursting with fruity flavour, we blend our handmade, luxury sorbets for the perfect drink to tickle your taste-buds.

Luxury Bru Shakes

Freshly blended shakes using Bru's range of hand-crafted, luxury gelato.

Bru's Luxury Wafflepops

Our signature waffle like no other. Freshly baked to order, light and fluffy with our epic toppings.

From your WFH lunch and late night treats to being the office hero and getting in the Bru Coffee Run, our Bundles have you covered!

Handmade Gelato & Sorbets

Bru's range of unique, handmade luxury Gelato & Sorbets

Poffertjes - Dutch Mlni Pancakes - These fluffy, dutch mini pancakes are supercute and so delicious!

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