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Burgers Pizza

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Succulent, tender peri peri chicken tikka served on bed of rice

Meal includes fries & a can of Pepsi

Single Cheese - Single 1/4 beef patty with cheese

Double Cheese - 2 x 1/4lb beef patty with double cheese

Single Chicken - Crispy chicken fillet burger

Double Chicken - 2 x crispy chicken fillets

Combo Chicke & Cheese - 1 x 1/4lb beef patty with cheese and 1 crispy chicken fillet

Peri peri tikka wrap, chicken tikka wrap or grilled chicken kebab wrap

Special Grilled Kebabs

Grilled with fried onion & fried peppers

Served with salad & sauce of your choice

Bullet Rolls & Wraps

Meal includes regular fries & can of Pepsi

Served with chips & Capri Sun Orange 200ml

All desserts served by the slice

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