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15 The Cross, Neston, CH64 9UB

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Our ever changing ideas. Check back regularly for updates

Loads of experiments produced by our nutty Professors

All our clucking good chicken lines!

Popcorn chicken rolled in a fantastic range of sauces and in all different sizes.

Loads of elements mix together to make fantastic fries

A wide variety of delicious covered tortilla chips

Slow cooked baby back ribs

Great means of bratwurst and hotdogs

Broad and ever expanding range of vegetarian and vegan foods!

Our selection of crazy meals

A selection of alcoholic beverages. 18+ only. All alcohol must be purchased with a food order due to our legal licensing agreement.

The scientific term for cake would be "confection"

Milkshakes will only be delivered to ch64 while we are trialling the range!

The crazy and wonderful from around the globe

Our ever expanding range

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