Burnley Kebabz

Kebab Pizza

40 Yorkshire St, Burnley BB11 3BN, United Kingdom, Burnley, BB11 3BN

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Served with salad and choice of sauce

Seperate salad 50p and Seperate Sauce 50p

Garlic naan £1 extra. Cheese on Kebabs £1.75 extra

Dripping in sauce £1.50 extra

Pan fried with onions and spices, wrapped up in a fresh naan bread. Choice of salad and sauce.

Garlic naan £1.00 extra. Also available with rice or chips, cheese £1.50 extra.

Cheese £1.50 extra

Pitta Pizza

Hash Brown Pizza

Served with salad and choice of sauce, extra cheese slice 75p each, cheesy chips £1.50 extra

Separate salad 50p, separate sauce 50p, naga flavour, barbecue flavour or sweet honey flavour £1.50 extra

Extra cheese £1.50

The following dishes are served together with chips and curry on top. Also available with rice £1.00 extra, half rice and half chips £1.00 extra.

Go large on any curry sauce for £2.00 extra

Served with omelette

Poppa, Dips and Sauces

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