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  • Burritos
  • Bowls
  • Soft Shell Tacos
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Meal Deals

  • Bandit Deal for One

    Choose your burrito, fries and a drink!

    from £9.95

  • Mega Meal Deal for One

    Choose your main, fries, a caramel filled churros with a chocolate dipping sauce and a drink.

    from £13.95

  • Bandit Deal for Two

    Choose any 2 burritos, 2 fries and 2 drinks!

    from £17.95


  • Bandit Beef and Cheese Burrito

    Beef mince slathered with creamy queso. With rice, cheese, fajita veg, beans.

    from £7.45

  • Bandit Chicken Tinga Burrito

    This chicken knows how to shred. With rice, cheese, fajita veg, beans.

    from £7.45

  • Bandit Plant-Based Soya Mince Burrito

    Seasoned plant-based soya mince for the plant-ivores. With rice, cheese, fajita veg, beans.

    from £7.45


  • Build Your Own Bowl

    Build your own burrito bowl...pick your filling and sauce. With rice, cheese, fajita veg, kidney beans, pico and lettuce.

    from £7.95

Soft Shell Tacos

  • Build Your Own Tacos

    Build your three soft shell tacos out with cheese, lettuce, pico and your choice of filling and sauce

    from £6.95

Snacks and Sides

  • Loaded Nachos

    Crispy corn tortilla chips loaded with a choice of protein, a choice of sauce, shredded cheese, cheese sauce, pickled jalapeno and fresh coriander

    from £5.95

  • Churros

    Caramel filled churros are served with a chocolate dipping sauce


  • Tortilla Chips and Guac

    Tortilla Chips & Guacamole


  • Tortilla Chips and Cheese Sauce

    Tortilla Chips & Cheese sauce


  • Classic Fries (V)

    Thin cut and fried until crispy and golden


  • Quesadilla

    Oozing with shredded cheese and queso, and with the choice to add shredded chicken.

    from £5.95


  • Cheese Sauce


  • Guacamole


  • Jalapenos


  • Pico De Gallo


  • BBQ Sauce


  • Lime Sour Cream


  • Hot Salsa (Spicy)



  • Coca-Cola Original (330ml)


  • Fanta (330ml)


  • Bottled Water (500ml)


  • Coke Zero (330ml)


Alcoholic Drinks & Bundles

  • Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime (330ml)

    age restriction 18 plus


  • Brewdog Punk IPA (330ml)


  • 4 x Rekorderlig (330ml)


  • 4 x Brewdog Punk IPA Can (330ml)



Sunday 21 July 2024
Only the 2nd time ordering and some of my order was missing. 1 burrito meal for one missing the side of fries, 2 orders of tortilla chips and queso missing the queso, churros missing the chocolate dip and a side of lime sour cream missing.
Saturday 13 July 2024
this food looked unsafe to eat.
Monday 24 June 2024
very poor quality. tacos were supposed to be with meat but were without. burritos one had traces of meat the other was with just vegetables and both were ordered with meat
Friday 14 June 2024
Tuesday 11 June 2024
Sunday 09 June 2024
food was late. freezing cold. what a joke
Saturday 01 June 2024
Thursday 30 May 2024
Food tasted lovely, sauces were nice and the food was fresh. Just hardly had any meat which was a huge disappointment because the little meat that was actually there tasted nice
Thursday 30 May 2024
Ordered meal deal for 2 on burritos. The chicken one and the beef. It’s our new fave place to order from. Absolutely delicious and the fries are gorgeous too! Bargain!!
Saturday 25 May 2024

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Burritos, bowls, and tacos - jam-packed with smack-you-in-the-hunger fillings and tasty house-made sauces.

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Burrito Bandits - Moor Lane Crosby
The George Crosby, 1 Moor Lane Crosby
L23 2SE Liverpool
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