Cafe 2 go- Michaelston Road

Breakfast Lunch

105 - 107 Michaelston Road, Cardiff, CF5 4SY

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Fresh Ice Creams

Foot Long Breakfast Rolls

Freshly Prepare Baked Potato

Freshly Cooked Chickens

Freshly Prepared Toasted Sandwiches

Wide Range of Hot food Meal deals

Large Drink - 454ml

Regular Drink - 340ml

Drinks are Costa Coffee

Freshly Made Local Milkshakes.

Freshly cooked Pies and Pasties

Below is 1 Piece Each.

Selection of curries

Freshly prepared Burgers

Large Pizza Breads very popular with the Children

All Baguettes are served with Fresh Crispy Salad and Large sliced Tomatoes, 2 large slices of cucumber.

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