Cafe De La Vita

Desserts Waffles

7 Coleshill Road, Birmingham, B36 8DT

Delivery from 18:15

Belgian Milk Sauce with Strawberries and Milk Chocolate Curls

Bringing exotic tastes to your plate

Belgian White Sauce with Raspberries and White Chocolate Curls

A layer of Nutella sprinkled with Roasted Hazelnuts

Double sweetness with White Chocolate and Biscoff

French Toast with a La Vita twist

Ice blends

Summer vibes

Sugar, honey and iced teas.

Ice cream on sundaes - a better love story than Twilight

For a lighter snack when a full dessert is too much

Pina Colada with some twists

Lattes, Dalgonas and Frappes

Soft Drinks

Homemade San Sebastian cheesecake to enjoy with your selection of sauce

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