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Note: Halal

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Served with side salad

All our pizzas are made using fresh dough prepared on the premises

A pizza base filled to your choice, topped with cheese and baked to mouth watering perfection. Served with separate sauce and salad

All hoggies are served with salad and sauce separate

All Kebabs are served in Pitta bread with salad, sauce or garlic mayonnaise.

Pitta Bread 50p, Tub of Sauce 50p, Extra Salad 50p, Separate Salad & Sauce 50p

Can you imagine chicken tikka, or mixed tikka kebab served on top of a big Nan? Well dig this! Salad & Sauce separate

Served with juice (200ml fruit shoot) and chips

A lightly fried chapatti topped with your choice, fairly sweet & sour taste, Served with side salad

Succulent...Sizzling! Served with rice, salad and curry sauce

(Rice not included) Prawn 50p Extra, All Chicken dishes are made with breast of chicken All can be prepared in Chicken or Lamb

We use 100% Chicken Breast and 100% Scottish Lamb

It takes your Indian curry to the next taste level. Everything is cooked to authentic recipes, every ingredient is carefully selected by our award winning Master Chef to bring out the best flavours. We are SO confident you will enjoy our Specialities.Rice or Nan not included.

Rice not included

Buffet size served with rice in one container

These dishes can be made with a choice of Indian vegetables or ordinary vegetables to any desired strength.

If you wish any of our old vegetable dishes, please do not hesitate to ask

Rice not included

These dishes are prepared in a cast iron wok. A rich flavour is achieved by using fresh ginger, garlic, green peppers

Biryani are served with curry sauce and cooked with saffron rice. Delicately flavoured with special spices and fully garnished

Our Balti dishes are cooked with fresh ginger, garlic and a touch of mixed pickle giving a beautiful rich taste

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