Cake-Out Shakes, Cakes & Waffles

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Unit 234 Ducie House, Greater Manchester, M1 2JW

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£2 delivery fee

£10 min. order

We take your favorite chocolate bars, biscuits, sweets, and much more, then crush & mix them into the most amazing milkshake.!

Double the taste and try a double bar of your favorite chocolate in your shake or choose your own mix of flavours…

** Not suitable for people with nut allergies

Made to order.. Cookie dough can be modified to add extras and are served with ice cream or custard.

Served with free pot of luxury ice cream, custard, double cream, the choice is yours!

We take your favorite cakes, tarts, cheese cakes, pies, brownies, then mix them into the most amazing milkshake.!

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