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Soft vanilla ice cream drizzled in luxury sauces and topping

Enjoy our real fruit syrups with delicious popping best refreshment for Summer

New indulgence cakes, soft ice cream sundaes, bubble tea much more items

Enjoy Orange,Strawberry & Grape flavours from jolly rancher candies available in slush

10 inch or 12 inch fresh bakes soft pizza crust topped with luxury Nutella sauce and 2 types of chocolates with chocolate flakes served with 2 scoop of Equis vanilla ice cream, This dessert pizza is chocolate lovers dream come true.

All served with vanilla ice cream

Pair of sugar coated yums sprinkled with topping of your choice

Elf bars V2

A Marriage between croissant and waffle. Flaky and Crispy

Freshly baked cookies with choice of toppings drizzled in Nutella sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Loaded Brownies topped with your favourite toppings and flavours , comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Prepared with our own special bases l, fresh ingredients & dairy cheese.

20 oz large milk shake blended in luxury scoop of ice cream and vanilla ice cream cream on top coolest drink ever!

Jolly rancher slush syrup blend with luxury vanilla and marshmallows it will surprise you 😊

Chocolate bar shakes

Cakes are per slice

Brand New Addition

Enjoy your favourite chocolate flavours, warm n crispy

A box of Chicken Wings or Nuggets Comes with Fries and Can of Juice


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