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Indian Street Food

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Off the grill. Tender meat marinated in herbs and spices barbecued in a charcoal tandoori oven, served with crispy salad.

Part of Mumbai’s street food. Very popular as a snack or as a main meal.


Medium Hot

Massala dishes are highly spiced, cooked with a wide range of spices & marinated with a tandoori sauce, using fresh mangos & lychees.

Medium Hot

A popular dish prepared with tamarind, cubes of tomato & green peppers, giving a spicy, tangy taste.

Medium Hot

“Chunky pieces of onion, green pepper & tomatoes, cooked in a medium-dry sauce.

Medium Hot

A passionate creamy North Indian dish blending a fusion of almonds & mild spices.

Medium Hot

A dish prepared with the finest meat & vegetables mixed together with saffron rice, almonds, pistachio nuts, raisins & cashew nuts garnished with an omlette & a vegetable curry, or a tarka dhall.

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