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Pizza Burgers

36 Durham Road, Chester-Le-Street, DH3 2QH

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Note: The Best Takeaway in the North East 2018, 2019 & 2021. 3 x Winner of the British Takeaway Awards 


Food allergies and intolerance:

Please call and notify a member of staff if you have any food allergies or intolerances. Some items may contain traces of nuts


Due to high demand, we not able to offer delivery service at a chosen time, and all the orders are sent out at first in a first out base.

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Check back for discount codes coming soon! Plus new menu items launching 1st July!

Ice cold, we have the best section of beverages to quench your thirst and compliment your takeaway.

Charity Meal Donation

We are no ordinary takeaway, winning Best Takeaway in the North East 2018, 2019 and 2020/21 you need to try one of our Signature Dishes and you'll find out why!

Feel the Frozen Explosion with the UK's number 1 selling fizzed Iced Crystal Drink!

Made from top-quality handmade dough, our pizzas have the lightest, fluffiest base you could imagine…

Deep pan not available on 14"

Extra toppings & stuffed crust are available

Made from top-quality handmade dough, our Garlic Bread has the lightest, fluffiest base you could imagine…

PROPER BURGERS! Get the real deal with 100% beef patties or succulent chicken breasts and none of the nasties.

Hallou ... is it mi your looking for?

All of our Gluten Free dishes are prepared and cooked separately to avoid cross contamination.

A dessert menu that will make your mouth water! We have a naughty treat for everyone!

All under 600kcal

Plant based perfection! Try vegan with this January aka Veganuary

Our lean & green salad bar is full of deliciously fresh goodness!

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