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212 Dunearn Drive, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6LE

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Choose your Tea and your flavour of Boba and be prepared to be amazed!

Delicious banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream, topping and sauce.

The tandoor is a clay fired traditional oven. Tandoori dishes have a barbecue like taste. It is highly recommended. Rice, salad & curry sauce are included

Indian cuisine at it's best!

Naan or rice & salad included

Korma is a very mild creamy dish, this effect is achieved through the addition of fresh cream & coconut. A korma can be prepared in many different ways & would suit people with less desire of hot & spicy dishes. Rice not included

All biryanis are served with curry sauce, cooked in basmati rice & garnished with Capsian spices

All our pizzas are made with fresh dough, mozzarella cheese & specially prepared tomato sauce & herbs. Extra toppings & cheese crust are available

Extra toppings & cheese crust are available

All Turkish kebabs served with pitta bread, salad & sauce

All burgers are flame grilled & served in a toasted bun with salad & chips

All wraps served with chips, salad and sauce

Extra topping are available

All served with chips & a kids juice of your choice

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