Indian Curry Halal

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Our authentic nibbles are the perfect way to start your mouth-watering journey at Celebrities.

Delicious Punjabi dish prepared with onion. Tomato, fenugreek ginger and coriander.

Medium dish cooked with spice and sauce

(Fairly hot) With thick sauce and spices

Extremely hot thick sauce with herbs and potato

Medium spice. Cooked with onions, tomato and coriander

Maximum quantity of onions and capsicum seasoned and freshly cooked with herbs and spices

Medium spice. Cooked with lots of tomato and garlic herbs

(Spinach) Medium spice. Cooked with herbs and spinach

Persian dish. Cooked with special spices, onion and tomato which is sweet hot and sour

Persian most popular lentils based dish which is sour and sweet

Madras dish cooked with chopped onions tomato and fresh green chillies

Stir fried with medium spices and herbs which is served sizzling in hot iron cast

Sweet coconut creamy very mild

Barbecued chicken or lamb tikka cubes flavoured with fenugreek, cooked with cream, coconut, almond and ground spices,rich and tasty

Biriyani is a mixed rice dish from the Indian subcontinent. Made with spices, rice & meat or vegetables. Served with curry sauce

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